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Founded in 2016, the NEWVEW has been focusing on creating high-quality, stylish, professional sound quality, fun and interesting digital products such as mobile phone accessories (data cable, power bank, car charger, USB charger and etc.), earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

We are committed to providing sensory feasts for global youth who are pursuing high-quality, high-value, energetic and enjoying life. We hope to establish better connections and interactions with the digital world. We take designing and providing products that surprise customers as our central philosophy, and create truly unique and meaningful experiences for customers , and providing customers with the most advanced and comfortable products.

NEWVEW always adheres to the brand spirit of "Be pragmatic, do not settle for less, do not follow the trend". We strictly screen raw materials and smart chips to carefully control product quality and digitally manage the supply chain to ensure timely delivery , and strictly control the process to ensure timely delivery. Our products sell well in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and provide quality and experience support for young people's pursuit of colorful lifestyle.

NEWVEW brand digital accessories products have been keeping up with the fashion trends of the times. As a high-end brand, it needs to lead customer needs. Therefore, the brand is committed to continuous innovation, improve product quality, and make products more intelligent and technological.

Mankind has entered the era of mobile Internet from the PC era, and is also about to enter the era of intelligence and the era of Internet of Everything , Internet of Things intelligence will become the future development trend. Consumers put forward new demands for digital accessories, earphones, speakers and other products, hoping that the products can be more professional, international, smarter and more convenient. full of sense of science and technology, and meet the fashion needs of modern consumers.


● Brand attributes: Excellent appearance, Premium quality, Professional quality, Absolute comfortable experience

● Brand Origin: Innovation is the driving force of the brand, opening up new horizons for customers.

● Brand spirit: Be pragmatic, Do not settle for less, Do not follow the trend

● Brand positioning: Newvew hopes to work with young people who pursue quality and enjoy life to create mobile phone accessories and Bluetooth products with stable quality, stylish appearance, professional sound quality, and ultimate experience.

● Brand Origin: NEWVEW was registered in 2016. As of 2021, a total of 28 overseas countries have been registered and certified to prepare for the international operation of the brand, and will be further registered in more countries. NEWVEW means "new realm, new view, new vision, new viewpoint, new perspective", which means that our products convey the value proposition of the brand from a new perspective. The overall image of the LOGO design is very concise, making consumers visually comfortable and in line with the quality of big brands.

● Brand values:Fashion, Intelligent, Innovation

● Fashion: Keeping up with the fashion trends of the times can better understand the needs of young people.

● Intelligent: On the basis of understanding user needs, using software and hardware technology to innovate an intelligent human-computer interaction system, enabling technology to bring people an intelligent experience full of surprises

● Innovation: In the context of international operations, Newvew has insights into the cultures of countries around the world, creating products that surprise people and exceed expectations.

● Brand proposition: Colorful lifestyle means that the world of young people is colorful and full of vitality. They will choose digital accessories and audio equipment from a new perspective.

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