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Head-mounted headphones

Is Bluetooth easy to connect? Will it break up easily?

yes,Use the most advanced chip with high-resolution wireless audio technology, which means that the headset has the most stable signal connection, better sound quality and lower power Consumption

What is the approx. range of bluetooth reception?

Bluetooth 5.0 transmission ,max transmission distance 10m-15m

Does this work with laptop and desk computers?

yes,audio cable can make it work with laptop and desk computers

Can they be used for a computer gaming setup? With a microphone kit?

Ok,Our headphones have an inline mic,you can use it as a gaming headset

Can this headphone pair with more than one device?

The headphone compatible with all most Bluetooth Device .

Will these headphones auto connect/pair with my phone?

You just need to connect according to the manual at the first time , it will automatically connect after then

neck hanging earphones

Are they water proof?

yes,the earphone material is sweat-proof, waterproof and rain-proof.

Do these constantly fall off of your ears?

No,it is designed fits our ears, very suitable for running, hiking, traveling, walking, etc.

Can you make and answer call with this device?

Built-in microphone provides you crystal clear sound during call, whatever for phone call or VOIP call,You can receive calls easily.

Does this work with apple gadgets? like MACBOOK pro and IPEHONE?

The headphone compatible with all most Bluetooth Device ,include iPhone, Android devices and other bluetooth device

Bluetooth Speaker

Does this work with a phone?

Yes,Bluetooth connection could support iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Kindle, Android Phones and Tablets ect.

Does it have USB flash drive port?

Speaker provide Bluetooth TF/USB/LINE,can used in many situations

How many watts does this speaker have?

Different Speaker with different power,you can choose the speaker what you want

USB Charger

It is a portable charger?

yes,charger is compact, lightweight, portable, stylish, easy to store.Simply plug in the USB cable, and plug the adapter into the wall

Is this compatible with an iPad?

The charger Compatible with most smartphones

What is the max of each slot?

Most charger is 5V2.4A Output

Car charger

Does this charger stay on even when the vehicle is turn off, thus not draining the vehicles battery?

yes,it not work when your car is turn off

Does this support quick charge devices?

No, this car charger doesn't support quick charge. It can be used for a normal charge whose charging speed can be up to 2.4A.

Data cable

Does data cable support the XXX phone?

We have type-c,micro usb,iphone and 3 in1,you can choose the one your phone fit

Is this a phone charger cable or a data transmission cable?

This works both as a charging cable and a data transfer cable.

Can it be rolled and put it away easily?

Can it be rolled and put it away easily?

Power bank

Is charger bank allowed on international flights?

all external batteries with a capacity lower than 27027mAh (100 Watt Hours) can legally and safely be taken on board airplanes according to Federal transportation security rules.

Can it charge a device while it is being charged?

We do not recommend charge a device when it is being charged, it will damage the device

Can I charge multiple phones at the same time?

Yes,we provide multiple USB ports, multiple phones can charger at the same time

Does the power bank have a data cable?

Some of our power banks provide built-in data cables,you can choose the power bank what you want

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