Different Types of Headphones

Which type of headphones are best for me?Today we went into even more detail to help you understand what all of these “ear”, “in”, and “over” superlatives mean when it comes to headphone capabilities and fits. Let’s get into it!

Bluetooth Headphones

headphones used to offer wireless connectivity to various devices through radio transmitter technology (RF) — good ol’ sound waves being transmitted through the air and into a receiver.Headphones with Bluetooth technology have a small computer chip inside of them that allow you to pair with the device you are playing music from. If you connect to headphones via Bluetooth you are able to listen to the same sound as you would with normal headphone styles yet avoid the hassle of cords.

Headset Earphone

They are quite comfortable (especially if you go higher-end, some cups are even made of velvet and\or leather) and don’t crunch your ears like some of the on-ear models.  This style of headphones is the superior model for noise reduction because they create an intimate environment between you and the sound you’re listening to. They are very capable of limiting noise leakage which keeps the sound you are listening to in and also allows the sound in the surrounding environment out. It is possible to get over-ear models that are open-backed which lets them breathe and allow sound in and out. However, this style is usually closed-back as they are preferred for their potential noise cancellation, isolation, and the high-quality sound capability.

In-Ear Headphones

The most portable and popular style of headphone types out there right now are in-ear headphones.

Post time: Jun-18-2022

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